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Accueil || PATRIMOINES || English version of our bookseller "Estaminets and Cafes, Brussels stories" is out !

It’s about time : the much-awaited English version of our bookseller Estaminets and Cafés is out. Be sure to save copy of this exceptional publication and immerse yourself into those lively historical Brussels places.

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The history of Brussels pubs and cafés is now available in English !

The City of Brussels and BruxellesFabriques-Brusselfabriek have joined forces to bring into the light the history of Brussels cafés and estaminets, typical pubs of the city. We are pleased to present you the final product : "Estaminets and Cafés, Brussels stories", a book emphasising the key social function those cafés play in our daily life.

BruxellesFabriques-Brusselfabriek, beacon of Brussels social and industrial heritage, is a non-profit association founded by a group of industrial heritage enthusiasts. Its missions are to promote, highlight and spread awareness towards working areas, social life, machines and tools. The cafés and estaminets fall therefore plainly within its scope. Under the direction of Thérèse Symons, Sylvie Lefebvre and Yannik Van Praag, the book stresses their importance and their function both in the past and in our present society, but also in the future, in the light of modern trends such as the gradual disappearance of the working- class pubs. Estaminets and cafés are depicted as founding elements of Brussels identity and the book reflects their ability to accompany urban changes over time.

The social dimension of these unique meeting places is explored through richly illustrated scholars essays and testimonies. Across the different chapters, we wander around the tables of these places of self-segregation or of women’s emancipation, intense creation or heavy debates, peace or conflicts, intimacy and beginning loves.
"Estaminets and Cafés, Brussels stories" is available in your Brussels bookshop or might be ordered directly through our association for 25€ + shipping costs (by sending an e-mail to thibaultjacobs gmail.com).

The creation of this book was made possible thanks to the support of theCity of Brussels, the Commission communautaire française, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flemish Region. We also received the support of the Chevalerie du Fourquet des Brasseurs and from the Belgian Beer World society.

Press contact : Guido Vanderhulst : gvanderhulst (a) gmail.com - 0477 250 961.

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